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Watch Service & Repairs

Here at Club Jibarito we like to offer two types of repair services. Quartz movements are battery driven; therefore, we can accommodate repairs at our local horologist upon request. Mechanical timepieces that house more complex and sensitive movements, if impaired or require servicing, call for a specialist’s touch; hence our preference in taking advantage of the brands official repair services. In this event, we serve as an intermediary between the manufacturers and our clients so that the watch will receive the highest quality service. The timepiece is sent to its original maker abroad where it is treated with the utmost care in the hands of most experienced in the industry. The process may last between 4 – 6 weeks on average; however, you can be at ease knowing that your watch is in the service of certified brands horologists who utilize the same parts, instruments, and technique used to build your watch years ago. You will receive an extended one-year warranty by the brand on all repaired timepieces and watch will be under Club Jibarito’s guarantee and supervision during the entire process. Feel free to contact us anytime to inquire about the process.

How it works:

  1. Bring your watch into the store.
    *Note: You can also send your watch to our store from abroad. You will find a form and detailed explanation of the process in the “Send a watch for Repair from Abroad” section.
  2. We will fill out a claim stating the reason you are sending your watch for repair and forward it to the corresponding manufacturer.
    – We insure and send all of our watches through UPS courier services.
  3. Within the upcoming weeks you will receive an estimate from Club Jibarito.
    – Our Service & Repair expert will contact you to review your estimate which may be E-mailed or Faxed to you at your convenience.
    – The estimate will include repair fees determined by the manufacturer and additional shipping and insurance fees, if applicable.
    – If there is no charge due to the damage falling under warranty, you will be notified in said estimate.
    *Note: If you didn’t purchase your watch at Club Jibarito, different insurance and shipping rates may apply.
  4. After you have reviewed and signed your estimate, please E-mail, Fax, or bring it back to Club Jibarito.
    – If you have any questions about your estimate, don’t hesitate to contact our Service & Repair Expert at the provided phone number who will clarify any doubts you may have.
  5. Once your estimate is approved, the service takes four to six weeks depending on the brand.
    – When the service is completed, a One Year service warranty will be issued on the movement by the manufacturer.
  6. After we receive the watch in the store we will notify you through for pick-up or delivery.

Available in House Services
Battery Replacement and Water Resistance Maintenance

Battery replacement is offered for all watches at Club Jibarito. A water resistance test is also conducted to detect leaks that can be repaired during the battery replacement. Replacement and lubrication of gaskets and seals ensure continued water resistance.

Sizing and Adjustments

Club Jibarito’s staff will adjust the size of a watch, regardless of where it was purchased. This is complimentary for any watch bought at Club Jibarito.

Straps and Bracelets
Club Jibarito offers a diverse selection of replacement straps and bracelets. Any items that aren’t in store can be special-ordered through our service team.

Polishing Services
To remove scratches and rediscover your timepieces original shine and brilliance, we provide polishing services. We can polish your Quartz movement watches at our local horologist. For Mechanical timepieces we recommend a complete servicing of the movement by manufacturing experts during the polishing process to avoid mechanical damage.

Time Test
If you notice that your watch is running too slow or too fast, bring it into our boutique. We will conduct a “Time Test” on your timepiece to measure the accuracy of the movement including the rate and amplitude in order to certify whether the movement is performing as required.

Send a watch for Repair from Abroad

We gladly accept mail-in service requests!

Please print and complete the form and send it in with your watch in a secure box to our store at:

Club Jibarito
202 Cristo Street
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901

You will be contacted with an estimate for authorization to proceed prior to completing any work.

Please remember to:

  • NOT send the watch with the original manufacturer’s box.
  • Package your timepiece securely in tissue and/or bubble wrap.
  • Include the original warranty documents.
  • Request a signature confirmation service from your shipping carrier so you can track the package.

Have doubts?

Speak with our Service & Repair Expert

Phone number: +1(787) – 724 – 7797

E- mail:

Dates and Time: Monday- Friday, 10 AM – 6 PM (EST)

*Note: We have personnel available between 10 AM – 6 PM, Monday – Saturday if you wish to pre-pay your estimate approval for a repair service and/or pick up your repaired timepiece or jewelry piece.

Online PDF Form

Watch Care

Watch Maintenance

Watches are very reliable and can last for many years and even generations; however, they do require constant maintenance or as we like to call it TLC: tender, loving, care. Remember that a watch movement is a tiny engine that requires lubrication and care regularly.

It is important that every three to five years you have your watch inspected for water resistance, test for magnetization, check for pins on straps that might require replacement, inspect your bracelets that might require tightening or replacement of screws, and cleaning of your entire watch. A complete restoration of your watch to its original factory specifications to prolong its life is also recommended.  

Here at Club Jibarito, we can provide these services for you. We also want to offer basic professional advice and tips on how you can best preserve your watch.

General Cleaning

Keep your watch clean on the outside to lessen the chance of it getting dirty on the inside. Wipe off your watch with a soft cloth from time to time to remove dust, dirt, moisture, and perspiration.

Winding and Setting

For a Manual Watch, wind your watch fully at the same time every day. Be careful not to force the crown, stop winding when you feel resistance otherwise you can damage the springs.

For an Automatic Watch, remember to wear it every day and be active. If you wear it daily, remember to wind it once every two weeks. If you don’t wear it too often, wind the watch twice a week.


The average life of a quartz watch battery is 1 to 3 years. The more functions the watch has, the higher the need for battery replacements. When a battery can no longer power the watch, remember to change it; otherwise, you risk the battery leaking and causing damage to the mechanism.

Water Resistance

Not all watches are designed to be water resistant and there are various degrees of water resistance. Water resistance is not a permanent condition and it must be tested and renewed periodically. Have your watch tested every 12- 18 months for water resistance. Bring your watch in to Club Jibarito for repair within 24- 28 hours if there is ever condensation under the crystal or signs of oxidation on the dial.

Swimming with your watch:

Make sure the crown is pushed down or screwed tightly before wearing it in the water.
While in a moist environment, do not operate or adjust the crown and/or push buttons as water can seep into the case.
After contact with chlorinated or salt water, immediately clean the watch with fresh water and dry with a soft cloth.

Things to Avoid


Collision impacts on the wrist, hand, and arm can affect your timepiece; not exclusively direct impacts on the watch. It is important to avoid using your watch during certain activities such as Golf, Basketball, Skiing or any rigorous manual labor.

Extreme Temperatures

Do not expose your watch to extreme temperatures above 60°C/ 140°F, or below 0°C/ 32°F.

Magnetic Fields
Magnetic fields are watches worst enemies. Mechanical watches exposed to anything containing a magnet can and will cause these watches to run incorrectly. The watch may run fast, slow, or even stop. Try not to place your watch on or near permanent magnets, as found in speakers, computers, iPads Smart Cover’s, and most importantly your cell phone. When at the airport, try to keep your watch on (do not put it through the luggage x-ray machines) while passing through security to avoid magnetization. The Backscatter x-ray machines, the big booths you have to stand in, generate the least magnetic field and is the safest route for your watch.

Direct contact with chemicals, such as cosmetics, perfumes, detergents, and solvents may damage the case, gaskets, leather strap, and/or bracelet of a watch.