Dancing in the Rain Necklace

Product Info

Ref CN1-575
Specs Material: 18-carat Gold; Gem-Setting: Aquamarine

Product Description

Imagine yourself surrounded by freshly laundered sheets drying under open blue skies- or walking through the first rainstorm of the season and it slowly hits you that fresh, earthy smell. The white moonstone of Dancing in the Rain Collection captures the primeval breath of a purifying rain; milky colored ovals, translucent stones which look like dew drops. The designs create a cadence that repeats the infinite echoes heard in nature. The latest DANCING creations reflect techniques found in ancient jewelry. Yellow gold balls with surfaces scratched by the diamond, drops of milky aquamarine, creamy pink opal and rutilated quartz are arranged in warm and long lines with artistic references to the art nouveau era.

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